The bag that broke the category was honored this week with a Silver A’Design Award for Excellence in the largest and most influential design competition in the world. Held each year in Italy, the competition recognized the RYU Quick-Pack as a world-class product design that exhibited exceptional form, function, innovation and aesthetics.

Designed for athletes by athletes, the RYU Quick Pack is a commuter bag reinvented as a stealth urban assault pack. Clean lines and a sleek designer profile makes this your go-to bag for your daily adventures in life. From home to training, to work, and back again.

This pack also doubles as a personal locker, no matter where you train. Hang it up by the handle and the unique drop front opens to give you easy access to everything inside. A mesh pocket helps to organize your incidentals and there is even an internal sleeve to carry a laptop. It has also been designed with great head clearance so you can ride your bike to work and move through the world in 24/7 comfort.

Check out the Quick Pack here:

April 21, 2016 — Rik Klingle-Watt