A baby born in Canada today has an average lifespan of 89 years. That takes us to 2105.

What if when that baby was born there was calendar on the nursery wall counting down to 2105? I think the choices they would make might be very different in how they lived their life. But we don’t look at life as being a finite or that things are counting down.

So when I look at my life and I realize I’m reaching the halfway mark, I ask myself “now what?” I want to believe there is something beyond what we are doing now. Does it scare me a little bit? Yeah. But I believe we are all here to serve a purpose. Whatever that is for you, whatever fills your heart and gives you that sense of oomph when you get out of bed in the morning. Especially if that is helping others, or giving back, or making the world a better place. 

When I talk about the Faith pillar as part of my philosophy on life, that’s what it’s about for me. That’s why I give back so much of my time. It makes me feel really good. Maybe that’s selfish. Do people benefit from me being selfish? Yes. I think it’s win-win.


That’s why I invite people to try and live a lifestyle that feels good. A 2% a day commitment. 30 minutes a day. 15 minutes of movement with purpose. 5 minutes of mindfulness. 10 minutes of personal development. At the very least it’s what you deserve. You’re worth it. Try it for 28 days. But it doesn’t stop there. It’s not a program. It’s a lifestyle. It goes until the day you die. Until the day you CHOOSE not to do it anymore. Because it’s always a choice. But many of us get stuck. We get sidetracked during the day doing things that don’t fill the mind body experience. And that’s ok. But I’d like to start to encourage people to start with 2% a day to commit to themselves first.


There are 3 simple questions you can ask yourself to change any habit to live a more fulfilling and higher quality of life.

1. Can I do this?
This relates to education. Can I learn the skills necessary to do this? From learning to play the piano to getting nutrition knowledge, the answer is yes. You can always educate yourself to learn how to do something. You’re capable. Have a little self-belief.

2. If I go and get lessons, will I get better?
If I start to eat better, move my body differently, or obtain specific knowledge, will I get results? The answer is yes.

3. Is it worth it?
Which really translates to “Am I worth it?” It’s highly subjective and comes from internal motivation. It’s “I WANT to do this” as opposed to I should or I would or I could do this. It’s the difference between desire and discipline. Discipline is forcing yourself to do something until eventually a habit is formed. Desire is “I really want to do this because I know the end result. I know what’s it’s going to provide for me from a lifestyle from this alternating perspective.”

Once you answer yes to all three, that’s when lifestyle becomes habit. And you can continue to reinforce that.


This is the last layer, which I think is the most essential. Community. It’s why I believe Cross Fit has exploded globally. It’s that community of like-minded people. Because they’ll be days when you feel discouraged. When you feel down. It’s nice to have someone there saying “it’s ok, I felt like that last week. Now lets get back up and do it again.”

So let’s go through those 3 questions again.
Can you do it? Yes.
If you keep doing it, can you get results? Absolutely.
And are you worth this? Yes you are. You know it. That’s where the community comes in to remind us of that. And keep us going.

But If you choose to say no, I’m not worth this anymore, then we got a bigger issue to deal with. I’ll fight you tooth and nail on that one.

Because you are.

Written by: Dai Manuel

About the athlete
Dai Manuel is a coach, lifestyle mentor and bestselling author of Whole Life Fitness Manifesto, an indispensable guide for a healthier mind, body and spirit. Check out www.wholelifefitnessmanifesto.com where you can download a preview chapter from the book and learn about how to join the tribe for free.

June 07, 2016 — Dai Manuel
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