We asked 5 amazing Dads about their 5 favorite things to do this Father’s Day. Always inspiring, their answers may surprise you.

Paul Cross, Founder, Academy Institute of Higher Stamina

  1. -My first Father’s Day starts with a pancake breakfast with my wife Leah and 10 month old son Ronan.
  2. -Connect with my own Dad who’s now in his 80’s. He lives out of town so ideally we do it by FaceTime.
  3. -Get in some exercise and get outside with my family. This is generally what we try to do every Sunday anyway but we’re planning a special hike for that day. 
  4. -Have some daddy-son playtime. At this age it generally involves rolling around on the floor
  5. -Have dinner with my family 

Anthony Agatrap, Founder, Engineered Bodies Strength & Conditioning

  1. -Have an awesome breakfast with my wife and two daughters.
  2. -Go outside and do parkour with my girls around the neighbourhood.
  3. -Practice movement like handstands, QDR's, or ring work in the park.
  4. -Watch a few episodes of the girl's favourite Netflix cartoon series with them.
  5. -Go for ice cream with the family after barbequing an awesome steak dinner.

 Adam Hart, Founder, Power of Food

  1. -Wake up to the kisses of my little ones (Jacob and Juliette ages 2 and 4)
  2. -Prepare a family "Rise and Shine Smoothie" with fresh local strawberries from our garden, hemp seeds, water and a few dates.  
  3. -Head out for a quick one hour mountain bike ride.
  4. -Afternoon visit to the beach or park with the kids and a picnic lunch.
  5. Kids go to bed and mommy and daddy enjoy a romantic evening playing scrabble and drinking a glass of organic wine (scrabble is NOT my idea)

Curtis Christopherson, Partner & VP of Operations RAD Roller 

  1. -Enjoying time with my lovely wife and two kids (ages 2 and 3 months). Unfortunately they are at an age where we still need to go on their schedules but enjoying their presence and personalities is the highlight of my day. 
  2. -Sipping on a coffee on my back patio in the early morning before the world is up and at it. June is a great time to really enjoy the crisp mornings (if the weather is good of course). 
  3. -Enjoying the time with my own father (and brothers) as we organize a round of golf every Father's Day. 
  4. -Getting a workout in is a must. I usually do a really good run 5-10km and then a lift. Brings out the father in me. 
  5. -Reminiscing with all the great memories I have over the years with my father and now as a father myself. Scrolling through pictures, telling stories, and just soaking it all in. 


Dai Manuel, Lifestyle Mentor and Best Selling Author

  1. -Breakfast with my family (bacon with a side of bacon is always the starter).
  2. -A Sunday Funday workout with my tribe (and other dads and families).
  3. -A long walk along the seawall with my fam and a Venti Americano in hand.
  4. -Some good ol’ me time – either with a good book, a podcast or the like.
  5. -Steak for dinner (but that’s every day, isn’t it?).

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June 08, 2016 — Rik Klingle-Watt
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