RYU Winter Jacket
Photo Credit: Ivan Calderon

I say "I can't" a lot without realizing the negative effects that it has on me. Whether it be trying a heavy lift at Crossfit, trying to hold a handstand or getting through my morning meditations on days when shutting my brain off seems impossible... I say "I can't" as an excuse to stop on a bad day. It's my cop out.

I was at the gym recently with a friend of mine (I'll add in now that I've never seen him mad before). I was practicing a lift that I had been struggling with for a while. Picked up the bar... it was heavy. I laughed, put the bar down and said "too heavy, I can't". He was furious and said "Ally, you can't means you won't".

RYU Winter Jacket
Photo Credit: Ivan Calderon

Called Out

That hit me so deep. Those words have been sitting pretty hard on me these last couple of weeks. It's crazy how many barriers and excuses we create for ourselves. If you want something, do it. Set a goal or an intention, wake up and work for it... because saying "I can't" means you don't want it bad enough.

With 2016 just hitting us, it's a time of year that sparks a thought of reflection for most people; a time to refine your identity... aka you're making resolutions again. I want you to think of what makes you up as a whole (daughter, athlete, employee, photographer etc.) and how well you show up to each of those parts. Your whole self can only operate as well as you nurture each part.

You are a system. Own it. Commit to your system, commit to your growth. Know who you are and what you believe in. Continue this for as long as your system operate. Forget this "New Year New Me Bullsh*t". It's always you and you're always growing.

Athlete: Ally Pintucci
Location: Vancouver, Canada
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Photography: Ivan Calderon
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January 15, 2016 — Ally Pintucci
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