HardWear Compression Tight

Compression gear. Athletes swear by it. But what does it do and how did we make it better?

The compression tight is an essential piece of training gear that gets tossed into your gym bag. It can be used for any activity and helps with the recovery and support of your hard working muscles during training and competition.

HardWear Compression Capri

Creating a compression collection was a no brainer for our design team, but before we did that, we went right to the source. Our athletes. We wanted to hear first hand what was missing from their current gear and how we could engineer something that better facilitated their performance.

What we discovered surprised us. We found out that no one was creating compression gear specifically for lifters. Our athletes showed us pants that were worn down and ripped in the shin and thighs from heavy bar action. So we created the toughest compression gear on the planet. In fact, it is the only compression collection that has abrasion resistant panels strategically placed where lifters need it most.

HardWear Compression Tight

Our HardWear Compression Collection allows you to train harder and recover faster. They are engineered to increase blood circulation, reduce lactic acid build ups and lessen muscle cramps all with a technical design that incorporates abrasion resistance and support. It's all the benefits you've come to rely on from compression without the wear and tear.

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August 02, 2016 — Ally Pintucci