Krista Guloien is a hard woman to keep up with. Inspiring athlete, empowering role model, author, mentor, coach and Olympic Silver medalist, Krista truly embodies what beautiful tough is all about.

RYU recently caught up with Krista for a sweaty session at Movement 108 in Vancouver last week and got a glimpse of what she’s up to. From launching her must read new book – Beyond The Finish Line, to teaching spin classes and volunteering to educate and push young athletes to their potential – it seems Krista has no intention of ever slowing down.

Before she ran off, we wanted to know what she threw in her bag before heading out to train.

Take a peek:

1. RYU Locker Pack. It’s your locker on the go and it’s nice enough for both the gym and work. Shoe compartments, space for everything you need and a laptop sleeve on the outside so there’s extra space taken up. Your go-to everything bag.

2. RYU Teclayr Tech Tank. It’s lightweight, sleevelessand gives me the cover up I need. I don’t really like this half shirt business - I want to be covered and secured for my workout. The Teclayr Tank is great for my sweatiest workouts.

3. RYU 2n1 Shorts. These shorts! I love that I can lift heavy and deadlift without worrying about my butt coming out. I feel “securely packaged”.

I love this outfit combo because I’m comfortable when working out - the last thing I want to feel is my outfit.

4. RYU Shaker Cup + Protein. I need protein in me as quick as possible. It’s great for on the go and it’s quick access for me post workout.

5. Advil. Anti-Inflammatory. Enough said.

6. Tiger Balm - It’s great for my muscles and it just smells like I’m instantly healing.

7. Lifters - These give me stability and a solid foundation - necessity for my lifting.

August 09, 2016 — Ally Pintucci