About RYU

We create clothing and accessories to support humans, athletes and the planet. We are there with you. At every step, every stroke and every stride. Because we believe movement can set us free. It helps us grow. Movement lifts all of us up. Movement matters.


Born in the octagon, RYU’s roots go back to the early days of MMA. We started out as a mixed martial arts equipment brand. We are built upon the fundamental philosophies of Jujutsu, Karate, Kung Fu and Aikido, which can be translated as flexible, pliable, movable techniques to flow with the opposition rather than confronting it with one’s own force. We interpret this as a mindful, life-long practice of movement. A conscious, flowing mental and physical state of being.


For RYU, movement is about creation, exploration and discovery. This belief goes into everything we design and produce. By combining distinctive clean lines, high quality materials, multipurpose functionality with no distractions, and innovative techniques to allow movement and regulate temperature, we craft products to take you through your whole day.

Tough enough for your harshest workout. Beautiful enough to fit your life beyond training.


Respect Your Universe